Greek coffee: The elixir for a strong heart

The Greek coffee is part of Greeks’ tradition, whereas it is mostly adored by both youngsters and seniors.

Drinking Greek coffee helps us waking up in the morning but most importantly helps us live longer according to recent scientific researches.

Scientific data verify the relation between drinking Greek coffee and extended longevity, whereas this same data comes from a research that took place in the Greek island of Ikaria. The only island in the world with such high longevity records.

This research was performed by Professor Mr. Stefanadis (Professor of Cardiology in the Medical School of Athens) and his colleagues. What they did was studying the relation between Greek coffee’s consumption and the health status of the elder Ikarians.

Due to older research findings, stating that modest consumption of coffee could reduce coronary heart disease, the researchers decided to focus on the benefits of consuming Greek coffee.

Findings showed that over 87% of the participants consumed boiled, Greek coffee every day. The participants that consumed Greek coffee at greater dosages proved to have improved endothelial function from those who consumed other types of coffee. In addition to this, consumption of coffee even from research participants that had high blood pressure, has proven to improve endothelial function without influencing blood pressure.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the boiled Greek coffee, so rich in polyphenoles and antioxidants but with a modest quantity in caffeine, proved to be mostly beneficial in comparison to any other type of coffee drink.

(**) All information listed above, regarding coffee properties, does not serve as an advice to replace or substitute any pharmaceutical substance or treatment.

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