2018: Supporting its goal for preserving and safely moving forward our precious Greek legacy, tradition and agrofoods, through the deployment of innovative business concepts, athempor designs and promotes the promising Adopt your Olive Tree (AyOT) project

2018: athempor enters the complex and demanding arena of the medical devices’ business consulting, offering phygital business consulting services to the leading Biokon company.

2016: athempor broadens its commercial networking by becoming Authorized Partner of Greece’s most promising technology innovators; Everit and Wifins.

2016: athempor enriches its services portfolio by offering the innovative Product Scouting Care (PSC), Private Label Care (PLC) and MicroManagement services to give small and medium firms, investors or entrepreneurs, the choice of locating a specified product, designing their own product and managing the bits and bytes of their everyday business management issues.

2015: athempor offers contemporary Phygital Business Services. By utilizing modern business consulting tools, in combination with digital marketing ones, the end user enjoys unique customer experience.

2015: athempor, in an effort to address the ever growing global problem of unemployment as well as the urging need of people and companies to satisfy their need for work, staffing and collaboration, has decided to design and launch the Direct Business Platform (DBP), the first global, 24/7, one-stop-shop for direct business matching.

For being able to further develop and launch DBP, we need capital funding.

You are welcome to watch our DBP promo clip by clicking here, and if interested contact us in order to fund the project.

2014: athempor, getting market credits for its quality and innovative services and products, takes over as Promoter and Wholesale Agent of the ‘Sweet Street, by Effie Zannis’ sweats and pastry company

2014: athempor, becomes the first Consulting firm, as well as the first Food Design firm, to translate its corporate videos in the Greek Sign Language, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, serving well the athempor moto ‘Information Available to All’. Videos have been translated by Mrs. Kiki Georgopoulos, Special Needs Educator

2014: athempor, in cooperation with YCW International, broadens promotion and sales of the GreenYard brand in Asia

2014: athempor, through its IKKOS health & cosmetics portal, initiates GreenYard natural cosmetics brand’s promotion and sales in Greece and abroad

2014: athempor designs the ‘Coupa Premium Greek Coffee’ concept and final product. The special attributes of the Greek Coffee and of Coupa, are presented through the dedicated MyGreekCoffee site which also serves as an educational site for both the coffee and the Greek Coffee

2013: athempor designs and produces the innovative Premium Dressings products, named Lemolio, Balsolio and Vignolio

2012: athempor, in cooperation with the well-known Greek Food Connoisseur, Mr. Michael Krikzonis, introduce the ‘Eressioni’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil family in the menu of the famous ‘17’ Restaurant at the very heart of Athens, receiving kudos for ‘Eressioni’s’ taste and quality

2012: athempor makes its first food sales in Greece (Athens and Ioannina)

2012: athempor hosts all of its food products under the IKKOS brand

2012: ‘Eressioni of Peloponissos’ gets awarded with the Golden Taste Award at international food event in Greece

2012: athempor designs and produces the innovative ‘Eressioni’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil family

2011: athempor is found, bearing the synergistic motto “Turn your Customers into Partners”


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