Greek Coffee is a type of coffee which is made by boiling greek coffee (coming from grind grains of the greek coffee mixture). Greek coffee is mostly famous in the areas of the Mediterranean, Middle East, Balkans and Northern Africa, where people choose it over other types of coffee.

People in various countries like Armenia, or other countries, tend to give local names to this type of coffee. This is why you can find similar types of the Greek Coffee in other regions as well, with names such as ‘Armenian Coffee’ or ‘Cypriot Coffee’, etc.

In the Middle East countries it is very common for local people to blend this type of coffee with cardamom and aromatic herbs.

It is most probable that making coffee according to this way, unfiltered, most surely originates from the arab world.

According to certain traditions, the first people to cook coffee this way, were the Middle East Bedouins, who used to put the coffee briki (small pot) on top of the sand that covered the still hot ashes and charcoals. This is why even nowadays, modern Greek Coffee cooks, cooking Greek coffee the traditional way, still cook the Greek Coffee on top of hot sand (ho-vo-li, in Greek).


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