The Adopt your Olive Tree (AyOT) project is part of the wider Embrace Tradition agro-entrepreneurial ecosystem, designed to emphasize on the high quality Greek foods, nurturing solid bonds with them, the people that raised them, and the land that nurtured them, while at the same time bringing to surface the beauty of the surrounding natural environment, as well as the local legacy and history that have evolved around them.

More specifically:

Ι. Adopt your Olive Tree (AyOT) is an innovative project, specially designed for:

  • Tourism/Hotel/Travel Agencies and companies from various other sectors (Company), wishing to offer a very special gift to their customers
  • Entrepreneurs-farmers who wish to:
    • upgrade the image of their products, by participating in the AyOT network of local food producers and suppliers
    • prepare their farms or accommodation establishments, for providing agrotourism seminars and trainings

ΙΙ. Companies that purchase the AyOT gift pack, can offer this as a special gift to their customers, presenting them with the following offerings:

  • adoption of an olive tree
  • delivery of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in premium package
  • opportunity to support the tradition and legacy of a specific place
  • contribute towards the sustainability of the environment

ΙΙI. Their Customers receive:

  • a unique, personalised, certificate regarding the olive tree adoptive parentship
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, packaged in safe containers, all included within premium Gift Box packaging, with:
    • their name on it and – optionally – the corporate brand (logo) of the Company offering this gift
  • access to the AyOT electronic portal, where the Customers can logon (using their unique credentials) to:
    • find information, such as the location of the adopted olive tree, the location of the farm where the olive tree is planted, information about the produced olive oil, etc.
    • see the adopted olive tree, as well as the farm where the olive tree is planted

IV. What happens after the completion of one year from the olive tree adoption:

  • after the completion of one year from the adoption of the olive tree, Customers can extend the adoption period by paying a yearly fee

V. AyOT project next phases:

  • The ΑyOT project can be deployed with respect to other food products as well
  • The ΑyOT project can be combined with agrotourism seminars and trainings

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