The coffee tree (aka Coffea) belongs to a plant gender which looks quite like the cherry tree. From its grains we get coffee. The coffee tree belongs in the Erythrodanoids family and has 66 approved varieties.

Coffee trees live approximately 25-30 years and mostly grow in tropical climates. The wild coffee trees grow to about 10 meters high in contrast to the farm versions that grow shorter to facilitate harvest.

There are two basic types of coffee trees; Coffea Arabica which originates from Ethiopia, producing coffee grains with the best taste, and Coffea canephora (robusta), originating from Uganda, producing coffee grains with higher caffeine concentration.

The coffee nuts cartridge grow by following the same direction path with the coffee tree branches, while it takes one year for them to grow. During this process the cartridges get a red colour. The coffee grain is actually the pip of the coffee tree’s nut and it is situated under the cartridge skin; later taken apart during the coffee process. The grain can be divided into two parts or remain solid as one part (aka Pearl Coffee).


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