Dear athempor visitor,

We would like to inform you that in an effort to address the ever growing global problem of unemployment as well as the urging need of people and companies to satisfy their need for work, staffing and collaboration, athempor, in cooperation with a team of Marketing and IT experts, has decided to design and launch the Direct Business Platform (DBP), the first global, 24/7, one-stop-shop for direct business matching.

Another great advantage of successfully launching DBP will be to help soothing any personal, social or economic dysfunctions linked with the great global problem of unemployment.

The ‘DBP Statement’

DBP is the first global, 24/7, online portal where:

a. employees can find the proper job

b. employers can find the right employees

c. freelancers can find projects they like to work for

d. project creators can find the suitably talented project collaborators

using a simple-to-use, automated, tool, allowing them to have direct contact to each other, without the timely, costly and often ambiguous intreference of any other 3rd. party.”


DBP users (employees, employers, freelance collaborators and project creators) will just have to follow six (6) simple steps:

Step A. Log-in the DBP

Step B. Create your DBP account

Step C. Enter your business profile/need by just ticking the proper boxes (once-off process)

Step D. DBP operates, 24/7, automatically, without bothering you, matching your profile with available needs, and vice versa, ending-up with the appropriate matching. Meanwhile, your are free to invest your time for yourself, your family or your business and let DBP do the work.

Step E. Within shortly you will receive your customized alert(s) from DBP.The perfect business match has been found for you. A brand, new, business future is waiting for you.

Step F. Congratulations! It’s time to meet your future employer, employee, project or freelance collaborator.

DBP Fundraising Campaign

For being able to further develop and launch DBP, we need capital funding.

You are welcome to watch our DBP promo clip by clicking here, and if interested contact us in order to fund the project.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to DBP Facebook ( and Twitter (@DBP_Project) pages and get posted regarding the latest DBP news and updates.

​Yours Sincerely,

​Vassilis Georgopoulos

Founder of athempor


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